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Length:3 m
Beam:68 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Price:$1299 Kevlar hull

rambler single kayak

Worlds lightest 3m recreational kayak. A truly light weight Kayak to jump into and enjoy the rivers & lakes. Super stable and versatile Kayak that is ideal for cruising, fishing activities with it's long cockpit and is so easy to transport at only 9kg total weight. The long 94cm cockpit makes entry and exit very easy. Sleek hull shape offers good performance and tracking.

Compare with Hurrrican Sante' 100 and Riot Intrigue.


 Length: 3.8 m
 Weight: 12 kg
 Beam: 66 cm
 PRICE $1,895kevlar

This is an Ultra Light weight touring Kayak, it's very stable, fast and compact . Long water line allows superb tracking and reduced paddling effort. Longer, narrower and faster than the Rambler yet very stable.This kayak comes with a huge easy access rear hatch and a rear bulk head. Excellent choice for the novice or experienced paddler. Includes trailing rudder.

Length : 5.5m                      
Weight: 14kg
 Beam 55cm
PRICE  $2995 Kevlar


Extremely fast Multi-Sport/ Medium Recreational racing Kayak. Sleek watershed deck combines with a balanced hull to produce dynamic performance from a 5.5m Hawkesbury compliance kayak. 12 degree half angle of bow entry delivers the maximum possible length on waterline with high weed shedding and minimum transverse/divergent wave-making. Transom stern allows the same flow lines as a 6 metre kayak, resulting in sustainable hull speeds of >11kph. The Matador loves heavy harbour conditions in sea kayak races. Full forward water-plane combines with a balanced stern to produce a kayak that comes alive in heavy conditions.

Matador is the perfect multi-sport kayak, offering very high speed with excellent stability. Ergonomic EMS seat and patented Elliott Full Drive Footrest (EFDF) offer delivery of powerful paddle strokes from a stable paddling platform. The Matador is designed to win.Matador is proudly designed and built in Australia by Elliott Kayaks. It's time to race.

matador single kayak



Length:4.5 m
Beam:62 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Price:$1995 Kevlar
Our most popular:At 14kg total weight. A lighter Kevlar/Carbon 12kg version is available inquire for price.
Our most Popular Kayak: offers a fast,stable Hull that can take you on varied adventures; lakes, flat water rivers or wild rivers. Ideal for the novice of experienced paddler with it's easy entry/exit cockpit and immense hull strength achieved by the use of Kelvar. The Barracuda we are told is a pleasure to paddle and easy to transport. Includes rudder, day-bag and hatch, deck rigging for carrying,end-loops and full brace adjustable foot rests.


Para Olympic K1
Length:5.2 m
Beam:53 cm
Weight:14 kg

 Price $2395 Kevlar

High stability makes the Extreme an excellent kayak for entry to intermediate paddlers. Easy entry/exit of cockpit. The Extreme is a stable high speed tourer /racer suitable for open estuaries and grade 3 white water. Excellent multi sport kayak - perfect for Gloucester Mountain Man Triathlon. Deck design allows for fast water shed and optimum paddle entry with minimal bow wave. Complies to Para Olympic regulations.

A faster, narrower Master version is available WOWL 44cm @100

Elliott 480


Length:4.8 m
Weight:15 kg
Price:$2495 Kevlar

Fast, stable and ultra light weight kayak. Both novice and experienced paddlers love the 480. Full water plane fore and arf allows for effortless  progress through the water. The 480 has expanded the Very Fast Tourer (VFT) design to a new larger volume, quicker kayak.

Elliott 520


Length:5.2 m
Beam:61 cm
Weight:17 kg
Price:$2695 Kevlar
"Picture to come"

Worlds best touring Kayak. The Elliott 520 opens your world of touring options.Stable and comfortable for the experience and novice paddlers. Elliott 520's parabolic hull delivers quick, concise edging in both directions. EMS seats are rated one of the best seats in the world. Light weight and tough KEVLAR is used in the hull. Elliott 520 is a fast, stable kayak ideal for long distance touring and no other kayak can match its' all-round capability.

Elliott 550


Length:5.5 m
Weight:17 kg
Price:$2795 Kevlar

Larger volume Kayak designed for novice or experienced paddlers 5'2" to 6'9” tall and 60kg to 120kg weight. Ideal kayak for long expeditions. Elliott 550 has a modified race bred hull of the history making Elliott Reflection that won the Yukon River Race twice! Long diamond shaped waterline with minimum wetted surface area allows effortless cruising.One of our lowest wave making kayak hull designs.

Large storage volume both fore 90litres and aft 140litres compartments. Stable and comfortable with a long 94cm cockpit that makes entry & exit easy. Paddlers with back, knee or hip problems will love the large cockpit. Elliott 550 is a very fast touring kayak that offers high cruising speeds.



Length:5.96 m
Beam:55 cm
Weight:15 kg
Price:$3295 Kevlar

Radical design by Craig Elliott. Craig was asked to design a Multi-Sport/Long Recreational kayak with a prismatic co-efficient of .60. He gave his father Ron the final hull dimension and after careful analysis Ron decided a prismatic coefficient of .65 was possible. Craig said that would be very difficult to achieve as a Nelo Vanquish is only .67. 

We combined efforts and the result is possibly the fastest multi-sport kayak in the world. Placing 1st & 2nd in the Hawkesbury Classic (James Murray and Urs Mader), James Murray placed 1st in the Murray River Marathon .Excellent initial stability has been made possible with smooth U shaped mid-section with a low wave-making bow and excellent vortex wave. Suitable for habour and grade 3 white water. Taller paddlers will enjoy this kayak.

Marauder K1


Length:5.2 m
Beam:43 cm
Weight:9.5 kg
Price:$2695 Kevlar


Stable Master K1. Specifically designed for marathon and adventure races. 40cm WOWL@100.The designed hull offers good stability and excellent hull speed. High watershed front deck combined with a flared bow allows rapid progress in disturbed waters. Bow is designed to carry the transition-wave away from the hull and reduce wave-drag. Half-angle of entry has been calculated to produce best possible water cleavage. Transom stern is designed to minimize the rebound wave in shallow rivers like the Barrington, making the Marauder K1 the perfect choice for Gloucester Mountain Man and all multi-sport races.





Disclaimer: Canoeing and kayaking are assumed risk activities. Elliott Kayaks and its employees cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death however caused. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have the sufficient knowledge, skills, equipment for the activity they have chosen to partake in. Ensure you are familiar with all the relevant safety practices and procedures for your equipment and for the location in which you are using it.

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